Dirt Bike Road Trip to Kernville!

I had been looking forward to the Keysville camping and riding trip for weeks and the date was soon approaching. I prepped all my gear and my bike thoroughly. I went trail riding twice. I jogged. I was ready. 

Or so I thought.

With just a few days to go, the weather picture for St. Patrick's Day weekend was looking grim; 100% chance of rain or snow with snow levels approaching 3000'. Planning to camp in Keysville area at 2600', something had to give and Dan made an executive decision to relocate base camp to the Kernville Lodge for the weekend. I mean riding in the cold rain and snow was tough enough, to do it while camping is just plain torture. You NEED a hot shower after that kind of punishment and suffering.

We left Friday morning to get a day's worth of riding in before the storm hit. Our destination was Remington Ridge on the east side of the Kern River canyon and the trail head is right above Remington Hot Springs.

The weather was perfect. The team was ready. The bikes were topped off with gas. The ride was on.


Into the Canyon


House of Stones


Entering the Forest


Fucking Tourists


Fucking Teenagers


WTF? Tree of Doom I Should've Known


Do Not Challenge to a Dirt Bike Race


Do Not Challenge to a Dirt Bike Fight


Two's Company...


...Three's a Crowd


Local Youth Feared for Their Safety and Soon Left


Better than Perfect!


Mothership Spotted on the Way to Kernville


Suspicious Behavior Imminent

We retreated to the hotel after re-grouping and before long, Special Ed had a batch of carne asada on the BBQ and we were in full-tilt relax mode. Booher showed us how to drink cowboy whiskey and sang along with Dan's guitar to everyone's delight.


Preparing for Battle Saturday Morning.


Dax Prepares Mentally. Something I Need to Learn

Mag 5 blog

for Dan's recap of that day. Looked like fun. Not.

Saturday night was time to go out. All the warriors that survived the day needed to blow off some steam. Not to mention it was St. Patty's Day and if there was ever a reason to knock one back, that's a good one. The luck of the Irish was with me and though I know had several drinks very quickly, I managed to stay on my feet despite the type of shenanigans picture below.


Charger Dave Lines them up for the Team!


And One for You!


Dan Started the Dance Revolution with his patented 'Mountain Rider' Move


Slicer Has Appropriate Response to "FreeBird" by CroMag and the Boys


Wayne Contemplates Human Social Interaction Dynamics. To the Nth Degree.

I heard later that we might not get invited back to the Kernville Lodge due to the actions of some, but no one was hurt or arrested and I think everyone had a pretty good time. The locals were extremely tolerant of us this weekend, as well, though some probably wished we were fishing instead of riding dirt bikes.

But then we wouldn't have been half as fun as we were!

Next morning, Sunday, the snow had reached the hotel and our main concern was to get the hell out of Dodge before we got snowed in to Kernville, but mainly to get through the Tejon Pass at the Grapevine before, or in case, they closed it due to the snow.


My Bike Hated Me


Rain Fog Snow Clouds Rocks

Driving out of the canyon and looking at the white and green mountains, I knew I'd be back, and I will. Just as soon as

 I prep all my gear and my bike thoroughly. And go trail riding twice. And jog. I'll be ready.


Branches Roots Ruts Logs Mud


Virgin Hills in Tejon Pass Area


Almost back to LA (Check the Snow Cover up in the Back Country)

If you're still reading, I'd like to extend thanks BIGTIME to Dan Hallada, 

Dax, Rick, Ed, Mark, Tyler, Wayne, Dave, Bret, Dave, Tim, Greg, Greg, Mike, Phil, and Chris. Thanks for everyone who drove a great distance to add to this awesome party weekend. See you next time, MK.