Living in Huntington Beach, California, I find myself near great architecture, design, art, people, comedy and drama. I'll admit Orange County is not precisely in the middle of all that, but when it comes time to catch your breath, living near the beach is good for the soul.

Born in New York, I spent my early years in a small village on the Long Island Sound or going to school in suburban Delaware, where our family moved. After high school, I worked in auto parts and spent much of my time and money on cars and motorcycles. At 21, I moved to North Carolina and after working a while in, and finding myself unfulfilled working in auto parts, I went back to college and earned my Bachelor's in Industrial Design from NCSU in 1996. 

After working in digital effects and furniture design, I switch to motorcycle design and I worked for more than a decade with Honda R&D Americas, Inc. (HRA), as a Senior Designer, Project Manager and Group Leader, coordinating color and graphics changes on the US lineup of Honda motorcycles, ATV's and personal watercraft. After that, I worked as a Project Manager at Aria Group, and have since had a number of design projects to keep me busy.

 Are you looking for an experienced industrial designer and graphic designer? I'm wielding an arsenal of design tools including problem-solving and product-development skills, project management expertise and a desire to make a real difference for the right team or organization. If you would like more information, please review my experience and credentials by downloading my resume here.

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Michael Keating

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